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Home / Events / OWSA Witches & Warlocks Fun Race
Home / Events / OWSA Witches & Warlocks Fun Race

OWSA Witches & Warlocks Fun Race

26th September, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

INVITATION: The OCSA member clubs are pleased to extend an opportunity for skippers to compete in these not-so-serious, somewhat whimsical, and just-for-fun, beer can races from May through August. Skippers new to racing are especially encouraged to participate in these fun events. 

DESCRIPTION: The title says it all. Dust off your witches and warlock attire and goolishly enjoy the race. No promises that photographic evidence will not appear on the internet. This race is sponsored by Oregon Women's Sailing Association. 

ELIGIBILITY AND INSTRUCTIONS: This event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing and the OCSA General Sailing Instructions, except that class divisions, if any, will be determined by the Race Committee on-the-water and no trophies will be awarded; this changes OCSA General Sailing Instructions 5 and 19. Entrants agree to comply with the provisions of the OCSA General Sailing Instructions, and specifically the Disclaimer of Liability and Insurance Requirements of sections 20 and 21. PHRF ratings are not required, but may be applied and adjusted by the Race Committee based upon the bribe, or lack thereof, by a competitor. 

DATE AND TIME: Saturday, September 26 the first warning signal is at 1700 hrs. 

REGISTRATION: Pass by the committee boat before the start and tell them your boat name and sail number. Be sure they acknowledge you. That's it! 

FEES: None! Entrants are encouraged to gratuitously solicit Race Committee favoritism by proffering consumable goodies, before, during or after each race. 

CLASS DIVISIONS: The Race Committee may or may not post class divisions depending upon bribes. 

COURSES: Courses will be determined by the Race Committee and will be posted on the committee boat. 

SCORING: Skippers are expected to note their finish position relative to others and report such information to anyone willing to attach significance to its importance. 

PROTESTS: Protests are emphatically discouraged. Skippers are encouraged to settle alleged infringements of the racing rules in a private, Corinthian spirit. 

COMMUNICATIONS: In case of a Come Within Hail (Code L) signal display, pass by the committee boat for additional instruction. Extortion on the part of the Race Committee shall not be prohibited. Indeed, it may be expected. 

SOCIAL: Sorry no after race social this year.

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