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    OWSA Out of THIS World Beer Can Race - last of 2022

    Introduce friends to sailboat racing. Try racing your boat in a casual goofy race. Meet other sailors at the post-race social September 24 / Saturday 4:00pm Flying Saucers, Death Stars, USS Enterprise, Cone Heads, Aliens... who knows who will turn out for this fun-filled race! Let your imagination run wild for this Out of This World themed Race! Your creativity will not go unnoticed, as your committee boat will be watching closely to

    Published 3:10pm on 21 Sep 2022

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    Ranger 20 2022 National Races!

    Your OWSA Club Boats Salud and Hoodview are in a 4-day Regatta! Come Cheer Us On! July 28-29-30-31 (see race announcement for latest time information below, it's complicated) Beach to Watch the Race From The beach at M. James Memorial Boat Ramp on 4325 NE Marine Dr, PDX 97211 will be a fantastic viewing site. The R20 2022 Race Committee has decided to make

    Published 2:27am on 17 Jul 2022

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    The Columbia River is Raging -- Check the current before you go out!

    We all check the wind before we go out sailing, but this time of year it is the current that can get in the way of a safe, fun outing.  When the river is pushing harder and faster than you are used to, you can get into a dangerous situation faster than you think. Do you know how to check the river height and current velocity before you go out on

    Published 5:10am on 18 Jun 2022

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    Wednesday Night Sails 2022 are On!!!

    Here's the event you've been patiently waiting for --  Wednesday Night Sails start June 8th and they continue through to early September.  As you may know, you will need to sign up individually for each sail, bookings open the Friday prior to the sail, which you will be able to do on the OWSA calendar . We will send you a reminder that day if you are on our mailing list.

    Published 3:34pm on 29 May 2022

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    OWSA Women's Regatta - June 27th

    INVITATION: All women sailors are invited to  register for the OWSA Women's Regatta  by Oregon Womens Sailing Association (OWSA) on the Columbia River between I-5 and I-205 bridges. DESCRIPTION: Competitive women sailors pit their racing skills against one another in this one-day regatta with up to three races scheduled. The Flyer is attached to the right for details.

    Published 5:14am on 27 May 2022

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    Volunteer for the SYSCO Race Committee Boat

    Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon, SYSCO, is providing OWSA members an opportunity to volunteer on the Race Committee (RC) boat through the upcoming racing season. Signup up here by making a free booking. No experience is needed, all training will be provided on the RC boat. Volunteers will be selected for specific races by SYSCO based on a first come sign up basis. Volunteers will be given specific instructions on when to

    Published 7:23pm on 6 Mar 2022

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    Cruising on a sailboat is many sailors dream. But how do you make that dream come true? First, take some beginning sailing classes. OWSA has several classes to help you learn parts of a sailboat and sailing theory so you're ready to be crew on a cruising sailboat. YouTube videos and reference books are also good sources of information. With just a little basic terminology, youre ready to cruise on a

    Published 6:24pm on 26 Feb 2022

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    Renew Your OWSA Membership for 2022!!!

    OWSA - Its Time for Membership Renewals!  If you haven't already done it... The member portal is now available for you to renew your OWSA membership for 2022 The membership fee is $50 for the calendar year. Membership fees support your numerous OWSA programs to include meetings, WednesdayNight Sail, and other fun activities! If you need help renewing your membership in the

    Published 6:19am on 6 Jan 2022

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    2022 BOAST Program -- A Few Slots Still Available

    2022 BOAST Program Apply Now for a Chance to SAIL SAIL SAIL to your hearts content! OWSAs BOAST program (formerly BOAT) is at the very heart of the organization and its mission: to get more women sailors on the water and owning their own boats! We have three small boats moored on the Columbia River that you can own and sail for a whole year. This is your opportunity

    Published 8:35pm on 16 Dec 2021

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    BOAST 2021 Winterization Day

    An interesting part of the BOAST program is about maintaining the OWSA sailboats. Our BOAST program director, Meredith Hall, and our fleet manager, Kiki, lead the way, as many of the BOAST members were able to come down for the winterization day in late November, with many hands making for fun, light work. This year, we decided to keep Picaroon sail-ready for the Winter months, because that group wants to do the Sailing-on-Sundays. We

    Published 6:25pm on 16 Dec 2021

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    I have been so inspired this year by the interest AND participation in racing!  A HUGE highlight for  OWSA  this year was that  ALL 3  OWSA  BOAST   BOATS RACED IN THE SYSCO SERIES!!!  The season started off with Kim Bylick, Natalie Corkhill & Colleen Lacivita Skippering the boats. As the season progressed, several of the other boast members stepped up to the HELM! AWESOME JOB LADIES!!  Another Bright Spot for 

    Published 6:19am on 6 Nov 2021

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here is press release from the Pink Lemonade Project (PLP) . They are a local non-profit that educates and supports people affected by breast cancer. OWSA has stepped up in the past with our event Set Sail for the Cause to help raise money for breast cancer and other causes. If any member is interested in pulling it together, it would be fantastic

    Published 5:52am on 5 Oct 2021

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